January 5, 2010

Sleds Away

After we dug ourselves out of the 22" of snow we headed up to Gammie and Grandpa's for some sledding. Mom and dad have a pretty good hill on their property but because of all the snow my dad had to put it somewhere so it was kinda hard to get to where the kids sled. Mom and I decided to run a few errands instead. While we were out we passed a park in the heart of Winchester. Tons of kids were sledding down the park hill. Mom and I promised the kids if they behaved we'd take them back home to get their sleds and outfits. I guess they really wanted to go 'cause my little rug rats were little angels the whole day:) I should bribe them more often :)

Once at the park I realized I was dealing with professionals :) These older gentleman and their kids had cleared paths, made ramps. I'm talking hardcore :) The only think missing was the bonfire :) The only sledding I ever did was on Hay Road outside our house and it was a great sledding hill. This hill was just as nice. It brought back a lot of memories.

Yes, I had to make a couple of trips down. So much fun!!!!

Abby getting ready to make the trip down.

Jacob wondering why I needed to take a picture. I
was wasting valuable sledding time :)

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