November 29, 2009

4th Generation

I'm always telling everyone that driving a school bus is the family business. Well, here is the fourth generation :)

We are at Mountain View Elementary waiting for Abby and the rest of the elementary kids to come out.

And just for is me at 2 on my mom's bus :) Like I said before. It's the family business!

Happy 3rd Birthday Alison

I can't believe my baby girl is 3. Time sure is flying by. Can it be that we are having way too much fun? :) Alison's birthday (10/17) fell on a Saturday this year. Go figure she wanted to spend her birthday at Chuck-e-cheese. Lucky me. I'm not big on parties. I can't take the stress. So I came up with an idea that makes the kids happy and me stress free :) I let the kids pick where they want to spend their birthday. Then I tell the Grandparents and Aunts what are plans are if they want to participate. This year Aunt Doe Doe, Uncle Boo and Nana made the early trip. Chuck-e-cheese really isn't that bad when you get there early.

The kids and I were pretty wore out by 1pm. Lucky for us Gammie and Grandpa invited us up their way for dinner, cake and ice cream. Uncle Tom joined us for that adventure. He missed the whole Chuck-e-cheese event due to work.

Too Good of a Day Not to Be Outside......

What a beautiful November day and a great day to catch up on a long overdue play date. I couldn't believe how warm it was. The kids had a great time playing with their cousin Jaden. He is growing up so fast. It seems like only yesterday that Christine and I were bringing them home from the hospital. I'm really surprised at how smoothly the afternoon went. Four "Skinner Kids" and no major problems. Now that is a surprise :)