October 16, 2009

Just for you Shelley :)

My friend Shelley posted on her blog a month ago about her mission to find a four leaf clover. I couldn't help but laugh at her post. Ask anyone, I have a knack for finding four leaf clovers. I use to find one a month usually while I was out in right field in softball or walking the ASAP kids from Ashburn Elm to the Sports Pavilion. I hadn't been looking in sometime. After reading Shelley's blog I decided I was overdue. Plus I wanted to see if I still had my talent. Let's just say "I still got it!" :) Found this one while I was walking around outside the corn maze waiting for Gammie and the kids to find their way out. I had to laugh at my dad. He pulled the one I gave him back in high school out of his wallet. I couldn't believe he still had it after all these years. I never keep any of them. I always give them away to family and friends. Shelley, this one is headed your way :) Enjoy!

Skyline Drive, Corn Maze & Pumpkins

Mom and I decided that it would be a nice weekend to drive Skyline. We ventured out after breakfast for a fun filled day. The views were breath taking. I wish I had taken my camera out a little more often but I was too busy enjoying the views.

A view from Skyline Drive

We got off of Skyline drive in Luray. I wanted to go down in the caverns but it was just too expensive and the wait was too long. Maybe another weekend when the kids are older and can appreciate the trip down into the caverns. On our way home we stumbled upon Valley Star Farm. This was the highlight of the trip for the kids and I. Farmer Dave was wonderful and made the trip very educational but fun for the kids. I wish this place was closer. It was by far the best farm I've been too in a long time.

Abigail & Alison in the pumpkins.

Abigail & Jacob petting Lola.

Picture of the Cow Corn Maze.

This was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. This cow was made to simulate cow milking. Gammie having raised and shown a dairy cow had to show the kids and I the proper technique to milking.

Jacob giving it a go :)

Abigail milking

Abigail, Jacob & Alison duck racing.

Great Country Farm

Fun was had by all at Great Country Farms. Harmony Preschool takes a field trip there every year. The kids are always so excited to go. The weather was awesome this year. The kids enjoyed the hayride to the pumpkin field, picking a pumpkin, feeding the animals, jumping on the pillow and sliding down the tunnel slide. The kids and I could have spent all day there. Unfortunately duty calls and I had to be back at the house by 1pm to feed the kids and pack our bags for the afternoon bus run.

Jacob & Alison on the "Sit & Scoot"

Alison on the Tunnel Slides

Alison & Jacob

Jacob showing off his pumpkin.

Jacob and his classmates.

Daddy, Jacob and Alison pumpkin hunting.

Jacob & Alison with their pumpkins.

Daddy & Jacob on the Hayride.