October 16, 2009

Skyline Drive, Corn Maze & Pumpkins

Mom and I decided that it would be a nice weekend to drive Skyline. We ventured out after breakfast for a fun filled day. The views were breath taking. I wish I had taken my camera out a little more often but I was too busy enjoying the views.

A view from Skyline Drive

We got off of Skyline drive in Luray. I wanted to go down in the caverns but it was just too expensive and the wait was too long. Maybe another weekend when the kids are older and can appreciate the trip down into the caverns. On our way home we stumbled upon Valley Star Farm. This was the highlight of the trip for the kids and I. Farmer Dave was wonderful and made the trip very educational but fun for the kids. I wish this place was closer. It was by far the best farm I've been too in a long time.

Abigail & Alison in the pumpkins.

Abigail & Jacob petting Lola.

Picture of the Cow Corn Maze.

This was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. This cow was made to simulate cow milking. Gammie having raised and shown a dairy cow had to show the kids and I the proper technique to milking.

Jacob giving it a go :)

Abigail milking

Abigail, Jacob & Alison duck racing.

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