January 5, 2010

Blizzard '09

Once the Blizzard left I decided to let the kids venture outside to check it out. They had been begging me since the first snowflake dropped. I hate dealing with the in and out and all the wet clothes so I always make them wait. Abigail is usally pretty good about staying out and making the most of it. She's an outdoor girl like her daddy. Jacob and Alison are a lot like their mother. They're good for about 10 mins and then they're ready to head back in :( All three of them stayed outside for about an hour though. I think they were in "awe" of all the snow. It was beautiful and I enjoyed watching them play in it (from the window in front of the wood stove of course :) )

Abigail, Jacob and Alison trying to make it out to the play park.

I just love icicles. But look how much the snow drifted off the roof.

Our grill is under all that snow somewhere :)

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