August 10, 2009

A Western Kind of Day

Kyler and Kaden came over today for a play date. It was way too hot today to play outside so we sent the kids down into the basement. They managed to play for 2 hours without getting into too much trouble. Cindy and I were pretty amazed. Abby and Jacob were happy to have someone who enjoyed dress up as much as they do. They created a western show for us moms. Seeing them put the act on reminded me so much of myself as a kid. We had some good laughs watching them. At one point Alison and her boyfriend Kaden had emptied out the cabinet and shut themselves in. It was like their own little version of 7 minutes in Heaven. We laughed it off now but in a couple of years it won't be so funny :) It was definitely a play date I'll always remember! Thanks guys!

Sheriff Kyler, Princess Abby, Horse Ali & Bad Boy Jacob

Sheriff Kyler & Princess Abby

Sheriff Kyler

Kyler & Abby Pole Dancing

Alison & Kaden playing doctor :)

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