September 13, 2009

Two Down One To Go :)

Leif bought a Harley this summer. About a month later he got a fixer upper Harley to work on so that he could learn more about them. To get Jacob interested he told him if he helped he could have it. Well, one day Jacob asked him when he could ride it. Leif thinking he was being slick told Jacob that he couldn't ride a motorcycle when he still needs training wheels on his bicycle. That very same day Jacob asked to take off his training wheels. He's been riding ever since. That's my "Skinner boy". Luckily he's been so interested in his bike that he's forgotten about riding the motorcycle, For now that is :) Abby of course didn't like her brother beating her at something so she came home the next day and started practicing. About a month later she had her training wheels off too. Leif and I didn't have to show them anything. They totally learned on their own. You go guys! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

Abby with No Training Wheels

Jacob with No Training Wheels

Alison Still Enjoying her Trike :)

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